Experienced Motor Mechanic

All Care Mobile Mechanic has been a successful registered business for thirteen years, with a further five years mechanical experience before this.

Continual education in the automotive industry is a necessity, so l am consistently attending courses to further increase my knowledge so l can give greater value to my customers in the work l am doing.



  • Apprenticeship : Motor Mechanic – General Stream
  • Certificate IV in Automotive (Repair Service & Retail)
  • Certificate IV in Automotive (Electronic Engine Management)
  • Certificate II in Automotive (Mechanical – Air Conditioning)
  • LP Gas Installation Tuning & Maintenance
  • Command Cruise Control Drive by Wire and traditional Cruise Control

Training Courses Include:

  • Electronic Diesel System
  • Ignition Systems Diagnosis
  • Oscilloscope Waveform Interpretation
  • Automotive Electronics Fundamentals & Advanced Systems
  • Automotive Sensor Diagnosis
  • Advanced Oscilloscopes


Why is Maintenance Important

Regular service and Tuning ensures your car is in peak condition, thus extending the life of the vehicle, and preventing expensive repairs due to neglect.

Regular maintenance will reduce car emissions, therefore reducing fuel consumption and increasing vehicle reliability.

Car safety is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance to ensure a safe journey for all passengers.